random thoughts

The attitude of 'God bless us, we're special,' blinds the people of some nations to the world's reality.  When accused of greed they point to their many good works, how they send money and volunteers to help the needy people in those poor little countries. 

Their acts of charity are feelgood pills they give themselves to convince themselves that they are the Earth's Chosen Ones.  They need to be told, 'if you really want to help, give up the unfair trade rules you have passed among yourselves, get out of our way, and let us develop ourselves. Then we won't need anyone's help.'     
Any farmer will tell you that once a pig learns to feed at the trough, you can't keep him away.  A politician who can't keep his grubby little fingers out of the candy jar needs to be promoted to the position of voter.  
Three things are needed to live happily in Belize: mosquito coils, cold beer, and a sense of humour.

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She Knew What to Say

She knew what to say in that situation
on the seven mile trip to the Dixie Bus station.

I paid the man for a long one-way ride
and remembered the words she'd said by my side.

'So this is the end. The end of it all.
'And you don't even cry at love's lonely fall.'

I'd paid her no mind as I shifted gears.
There was really no point in my shedding tears.

She was the one who'd bawled half the night
after I'd told her, and turned out the light.

I'd told her my love was dried up and gone
and henceforth I'd rather be left all alone.

She knew what to say, and she'd said it loud
on that seven mile ride with drizzly cloud.

A sunless cold day for a parting of ways,
a right fitting end for the last hundred days.

A short enough time for true love to die.
So now that I'm home, why is it I cry?